A Class Activity That's Literally Immersive

Stormslam static map
Storms and nighttime approach Florida.

We're all immersed in the Earth's fascinating, ever-changing atmosphere. It's the center of this new social and competitive classroom activity.

Stormslam is a free online competition that rewards working knowledge of meteorology, geoscience, and geography. Students travel the nation as scientists, collecting live, real-world data.

Everything in Stormslam happens in real time, around the clock, with the immediacy students know from social media.

Stormslam participants are immersed in the fields of:

Student on computer

Students 6th grade and up should have the science and math skills to participate fully.

Stormslam is designed to for use in a classroom, side-by-side or virtual:

Try Stormslam yourself to see how the virtual blends with the real. Then organize your own slam.

As the organizer you'll have control of the participant list and an indication of everyone's activity level. Organizers can participate themselves—and often do. 😎